Wood Burning Fire Pits

Wood Burning Fire Pits

Wood Burning Fire Pits

For individuals who appreciate the sounds and fragrances of a genuine wood-burning fire, there are outdoor fire pits that burn wood. Propane and natural gas fire pits are ideal for those who prefer immediate warmth and atmosphere, as well as a lifelike flame without the hassle and upkeep. Gel fuel outdoor fire pits are perfect for those who want a small, gentle fire that can be fueled by disposable or refillable gel canisters.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wood Burning Fire Pits

Q: Whats the best position for my wood fire pit?
A: When setting up your outdoor wood firepit, it's important to choose a location that enhances your decor and is both secure and accessible. Always remove any vegetation or debris from the area before placing the firepit. Also, avoid placing the firepit under trees or hanging branches, as they can ignite from stray sparks and embers. Finally, make sure your wood firepit is situated on a non-combustible surface.

Q: It is typical for an outdoor firepit to undergo rusting?
A: Outdoor firepits constructed from materials other than stainless steel will corrode due to the oxidation of iron when exposed to water and oxygen. On the other hand, stainless steel firepits do not rust, but they may acquire a yellow tint when exposed to high temperatures. To reduce the yellowing, it is recommended to use a top-quality stainless steel polish.

Q: May the wood burning outdoor firepit be left outside throughout the year?
A: Durable all-weather materials are used to make Outdoor Firepits. It is recommended to cover your firepit with a firepit cover when it is not in use if it was included with your purchase. This will protect it from harsh weather conditions. If a vinyl firepit cover was not included, you may use a tarp or store it in a dry covered location to extend the life of your firepit.

Q: Does the type of wood I use in my outdoor firepit have any significance?
A: To achieve the best results and reduce smoke when using your outdoor wood-burning firepit, it is recommended that you use dry, seasoned hardwood. Hardwoods that are dry and well-seasoned produce higher temperatures and burn more completely. Firewood that has been properly dried and seasoned will contain no more than 20% moisture. You can easily determine the moisture content of your firewood by using a moisture meter.

Q:  Whats the appropriate method for cleaning a wood-burning firepit?
A: After ensuring that the wood-burning fire has extinguished completely, the firepit has cooled down, and the ashes have been removed and disposed of appropriately, proceed to clean your wood-burning outdoor firepit using mild dishwashing soap or baking soda. For tougher stains, a citrus-based degreaser and a nylon scrubbing brush should do the trick. For built-up creosote, a chimney cleaning product is recommended. Once the cleaner has been applied to the firepit, rinse it thoroughly with water and dry it off with a cloth.

Q: May the wood burning firepit be utilized on the deck or patio?
A: It is imperative that Wood Burning Outdoor Firepits are solely utilized on hard, level non-combustible surfaces including concrete, rock, or stone. The placement of Wood Burning Outdoor Firepits on wooden decks or patios without non-combustible protection underneath is strictly prohibited.

Q: What can I utilize to initiate a fire in my wood-burning firepit?
A: Various fire starters are available for use with outdoor wood burning firepits to quickly and easily ignite a fire. Safe Lite Fire Starter Squares, Super Cedar FireStarters, Fatwood Fire Starter, Pine Cone Fire Starters, and Ceramic Firestarting Stones are examples of safe fire starters for outdoor firepits. These fire starters are effective even when wet, and they do not produce hazardous chemicals or flare-ups. Check out our complete selection of fire starters to start a roaring fire in your outdoor wood burning firepit within minutes.

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