Wide Leg Ledbury Wood Fireplace Mantel

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  • Wide Leg Ledbury wood fireplace mantel
  • Corner Detail of Wide Leg Ledbury wood fireplace mantle
  • Dimensions Of Fireplace Mantel
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 Product Specifications:

  • Material: Paint Grade | Stain Grade Poplar | Red Oak
  • Opening Width Between Legs (A): Up To 60 Inch
  • Opening Height Bottom Of Leg To Breast Plate (B): Up To 48 Inch
  • Return Depth (C): 2 Inch
  • Shelf Length: Your Inside Opening Width (B) + 8.5 Inch + 8.5 Inch + 4.75 Inch + 4.75 Inch
  • Shelf Depth (E): 10.25 Inch
  • Leg Width (F): 8.5 Inch
  • Leg & Shelf Overhang Width (G): 13.25 Inch
  • Body Width (H): Your Inside Opening Width (B) + 8.5 Inch + 8.5 Inch
  • Total Height (I): Your Inside Opening Height (A) + 15.5 Inch
  • Breast Height (J): 15.5 Inch
  • Shelf Side Overhang (K): 4.75 Inch
  • Shelf Front Overhang (L): 6.75 Inch

The wide leg Ledbury fireplace wood mantel shows some raised details on legs and breast plate to make this a verry attractive looking mantel. The full wood mantel is customizable to a certain degree and available for openings up to 60" wide and 48" tall. All our standard mantels are offered in 3 species of wood. Select paint grade, stain grade poplar and oak, all are prefinished and will need a slight touch up by the homeowner or contractor before applying the final finish. Any fireplace mantle will be a great way to add timeless elegance and charm to any room. You can even get one setup as a headboard for a bed. 

If you want to use this mantel to cover a brick fireplace please give us a call. The Retrun C is for tile, marble or granite only!

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