White Mountain Hearth AC/DC Adaptor Gas Log Accessory

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The 110AC to 6V DC Adaptor is your must-have companion. The need to switch power types is common for fireplaces and heating appliances that require electricity. This adaptor simplifies this process seamlessly.

Effortlessly converting 110 volts to 6 volts, this accessory streamlines electrical conversions. Say goodbye to compatibility concerns and technical complexities. Designed to convert AC outlet power to the precise DC power required by your fireplace electrics, this adaptor offers a user-friendly solution. Combining functionality with affordability, it's a favorite among homeowners. Embrace the convenience and cost-effectiveness of the 110AC to 6V DC Adaptor to elevate your fireplace experience. When simplicity meets reliability, your cozy ambiance is just a plug away.


  • 110 AC to 6V DC adaptor
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