Universal Standard Stainless Steel Oval Burner with V12 Venturi Tube

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This standard stainless steel burner is skillfully crafted for optimal performance. Its universal design accommodates single-control oval burner grills and is paired with a V12 flex tube for added convenience.

This burner is thoughtfully engineered to seamlessly integrate with various venturi tubes, offering versatility to your grilling setup. From its durable stainless steel construction to its adaptable compatibility, this burner is a reliable choice for enhancing your grilling experience. Elevate your outdoor cooking game with the universal single stainless steel oval burner with one (1) V-12 flex tube – a symbol of quality and innovation in grill parts from MHP Grill Parts.


  • Universal

We advise removing the original part and comparing it to what we list in order to make sure you choose the proper replacement part for your grill. To confirm that this component will function with your grill, you also may check your owner's manual.

I'm betting you're having a tough time bending that Flex tube, right? Don't worry - it's usually not as stubborn as it seems.
Here's a little tip: You might not be loosening the set screw enough and stretching out the rigid inner tube before you work on bending the flexible part. This could be the reason why the tube seems impossible to bend.
Here's what you gotta do:

  1. Loosen the set screw. Make sure you're not fully removing the inner tube while doing so.
  2. Now, extend the hard inner tube before trying to bend the flex part.
    Just a word of caution - completely removing the inner tube might knock the O ring at the end of the tube out of its place when you're sliding it back in.
    Remember, that little O ring seal needs to be in place for the tube to function optimally. So make sure it's intact. 
    Hope this clears things up!

Product Specifications:

 Mfg Part Number:  OBS12S
 Type:  Oval Burner
 Material:  Stainless Steel
 Item Dimension:  16″ x 3″ OVAL BURNER
V-12 FLEX TUBE – Adjustable 8″ to 11″


Finding the Right Gas Grill Replacement Parts Made Easy

A grilling enthusiast knows that maintaining a gas grill is just as important as the cooking process itself. To make sure your gas grill consistently delivers excellent performance, timely replacement of worn-out parts is crucial. But how do you identify the right gas grill replacement parts? Let's simplify that for you.

Identifying Your Gas Grill Replacement Parts

First and foremost, you need to identify the parts that need replacement. This could be the grill grates, burners, heat tents, or igniters. See any cracks or rust? Or maybe there's uneven heating? If yes, it's time for replacements!

Looking Up the Model Number

Having trouble finding the right parts? A common mistake folks make is not looking up their grill’s specific model number.
Where to find this elusive number you ask?
It's usually found on the grill itself, often on the back or bottom. Can't find it? Check your owner's manual!

Visiting the Manufacturer’s Website

Another reliable way to find the correct gas grill replacement parts is to visit the manufacturer's website. Most major manufacturers have a dedicated section for replacement parts. You can simply input your model number, and voila, you'll be presented with a list of parts specific to your grill.

Avoiding Counterfeit Parts

Remember, only authentic parts will do justice to your gas grill. Using counterfeit parts may be cheaper, but they will surely damage your grill in the long run. So, how do you avoid these?
Easy! Always check the part's details, reviews, and warranty information.

CJs Hearth & Home Can Help

Call, email, or chat us with parts needed for your grill as long as you can provide all of the above information.

In Conclusion

Finding gas grill replacement parts is not as daunting as it seems. With the model number and the right purchasing platforms, you can easily extend the lifespan of your grill. Happy grilling!

Gas Grill Replacement Parts: Your Burning Questions Answered

Engaging in a meaty discussion about Gas Grill Replacement Parts may be a grill master's delight. But for an amateur or beginner, understanding the components that keep your gas grill sizzling can be daunting. Worry no more! Whether you're a seasoned griller or a fresh flame, this article will cover all your burning questions and ensure your grilling experience remains top-notch.

Gas Grill Replacement Parts...why are they crucial?

It's one thing to have a quality gas grill, but ensuring it's always in perfect working condition is another story. That's where Gas Grill Replacement Parts play their crucial role.
Grill parts wear out over time, causing inefficiencies that can tarnish your grilling results and even become dangerous. However, with the right replacement parts, you can restore your gas grill to its peak performance.
So, what are the commonly replaced parts?

Your BBQ's Best Friends: Common Gas Grill Replacement Parts

  1. Burners and Venturis: These parts are responsible for the heat adjustment when grilling. With time, they may rust or corrode, which affects the heating efficiency.
  2. Cooking Grids: If your grill seems to cook unevenly or takes too long, your cooking grids may need replacement.
  3. Igniters: Feature: When getting your gas grill started feels like pulling teeth, you may need a new igniter.
  4. Heat Plates: These distribute heat across the grilling area evenly. If you're experiencing hot spots, a damaged plate could be the culprit.
    Could there be more to maintaining your gas grill? Let's explore further.

Beyond Grill Parts: Gas Grill Maintenance 101

Sure, you've got your Gas Grill Replacement Parts in order, but is that enough? Well, not entirely. To keep your gas grill in tip-top shape, consider regular cleaning, inspecting for gas leaks, and timely replacements.
Ask yourself: Could my grill benefit from a new part? If yes, then it's time for a change!

Wrapping It Up

Congratulations, griller! You've journeyed through the wonderful world of Gas Grill Replacement Parts – it wasn't that daunting, was it? Next time you grill, you'll know when to replace a part and why it's essential to do so.
Remember, regular maintenance, including grills' parts replacement, is the secret sauce for a delicious, sizzling, and safe grilling experience.

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