Patio Furniture

Patio Furniture

Patio Furniture

The patio is a paved area in the backyard that connects to the home, usually through a sliding door. A fully furnished patio has a combination of benches, chairs, swings, and tables. Having these types of patio furniture strategically placed in the backyard can improve your home’s style and your capacity for entertaining guests outdoors.

Between outdoor dining, backyard parties, and summer barbecues, you don’t want to skip out on buying high-quality backyard furniture.  At CJ’s Hearth And Home, we carry a wide variety of beautifully built wooden outdoor patio furniture. Our furniture comes in different wooden designs, with the potential to stain them in different colors, according to your home exterior design.


Benches are a nice addition to your outdoor patio furniture, as they allow multiple people to be seated in the same area. A small patio bench acts as an outdoor loveseat, giving you beautiful views of your backyard, garden, patio, porch, or deck. Some benches have backs, so you can fully sit back and relax into them. Other benches don’t have backs; these styles tend to be lighter-weight and more portable, so you can easily move them throughout your backyard.


If you’re decorating your patio from scratch, then a wood patio furniture set is the perfect choice for you. Rather than choosing random pieces of outdoor furniture that might not work together, a better choice is buying an entire set of tables, chairs, and benches that are guaranteed to look cohesive in your outdoor space.

Outdoor Chairs

Outdoor chairs allow guests to comfortably gather around a fire pit or sit down to enjoy some delicious food that’s just been cooked on your barbecue grill. Some wooden outdoor chairs come with arms and are built at a slight slant so that the person sitting down feels like they’re lounging. Other chairs are more upright and do not have arms but still provide a comfortable outdoor seating experience. A well-built patio chair remains sturdy and recovers well after unpleasant weather.


Creating an enjoyable backyard space isn’t just about adding more backyard furniture. A beautiful way to decorate your backyard and create a cozy and elegant feeling is with patio structures like trellises or garden bridges. A trellis beautifully accentuates the height of your backyard, especially if it’s built around tall trees and other plant life. A garden bridge adds charm to your backyard, allowing you to be immersed in beautiful flowers and maybe even a fish pond. 


An outdoor swing is a fun piece of backyard furniture for people of all ages. It adds excitement but also a soothing element to your patio space while allowing multiple people to sit together. An outdoor hanging swing acts like a bench, except it defies gravity since it does not have legs that sit on the ground. Instead, a patio swing hangs from a trellis or a roof, either in your backyard or front porch.


Patio tables are versatile pieces of wooden furniture that give your household a perfect place for outdoor dining, playing games, writing, or working from home. Some backyard tables have benches attached to them; these styles resemble classic picnic tables. Other styles do not have benches attached; they sit on four legs and require seating purchased separately. These types of bench-less tables resemble a less casual, more elegant style that you might see in outdoor restaurant seating.

When it’s time to shop for patio furniture, be sure to measure your space, so you don’t overfill your square footage. On the other hand, you want to buy enough furniture to make your patio feel homey instead of empty and scattered. These mistakes can be avoided with the help of a home exterior design expert.

Did you know we’ve been in the hearth and home business for over 20 years? Contact CJ’s Hearth And Home today for the best tips on buying patio furniture.

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