Hargrove Vented Hidden Control Burner Kit

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Gone are the days of unsightly controls and wires interrupting the beauty of your fireside. With the Vented Hidden Burner Kit, you can now enjoy the enchanting ambiance of a natural-looking fire without any distractions. Experience the warmth and grace of the flames as they elegantly dance and flicker, producing a spectacular display that will captivate your heart as well as your soul.

This burner system, which comes in sizes 18" to 36", is adaptable and flexible enough to fit diverse fireplace sizes. The Hargrove Vented Hidden Burner Kit is the ideal way to elevate your space and make it the center of any room, whether you have a little hearth or a large living area. Accept the beauty of a hidden jewel that improves the look of your home while captivating your senses with its hypnotic flames. The Hargrove Vented Hidden Burner Kit lets you have a clutter-free, eye-catching fireplace.


  • Manual Safety Pilot System: Control the main burner flame simply with a knob, place the valve system on the burner, and choose between a standing pilot for instant ignition or liquid propane. (LP conversion kit required for Liquid Propane)
  • Variable Flame Safety Pilot System with Remote Control: The primary burner may be turned on or off and the flame height can be changed using a remote control. The burner's valve system is mounted to it, and it has a standing pilot for quick ignition. It works with either natural gas or liquid propane. (LP conversion kit required for Liquid Propane).
  • Electronic Ignition System with Variable Flame Remote Control: It has a flexible mounting valve system away from the burner, no standing pilot for enhanced energy efficiency and safety, and it works with natural gas or liquid propane. You can easily turn on the pilot, regulate the main burner, and change the flame height using the remote control. (LP conversion kit required for Liquid Propane usage).


  • Burner kits include: HC Burner, custom 5/8" grate, sand or vermiculite, embers, volcanic cinder, fittings, and black non-whistling flex connector. 
  • A minimum depth of 14" is required for Hidden Control kits.
  • The burner's design hides the control system.
  • Recommended for use with Radiant, Charred, and Fresh Cut Styles.

Product Specifications: 

 Fuel type:  Natural Gas and Liquid Propane
 18" NG BTU:  70,000
 18" LG BTU:  55,000
 24" NG BTU:  80,000
 24" LG BTU:  65,000
 28" NG BTU:  90,000
 28" LG BTU:  75,000
 36" NG BTU:  100,000
 36" LG BTU:  85,000
 Certification:  ANSI Z.21-60


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