Hargrove Vented H-Burner Kit

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  • Hargrove Vented H-Burner Kit
  • Hargrove Vented H-Burner Kit Spec Sheet of Compatible Log Sizes
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Designed for those who seek the ultimate in realism, this burner kit takes your fireplace to a whole new level by adding a front flame effect, enhancing the ambiance and authenticity of the fire. Picture yourself enjoying the cozy warmth of your living space while being entranced by the stunning play of flames, making every moment truly magical. Introducing the Vented H-Burner Kit, a remarkable choice to elevate your fireplace experience to new heights! This exceptional burner kit comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 18 inches to 36 inches, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your hearth.

Embrace the joy of creating beautiful memories around the hearth as the Vented H-Burner Kit transforms your ordinary fireplace into a work of art. Unwind in the soft glow of the flames and let the stress of the day melt away in the warmth of your inviting sanctuary.Whether you're looking to revamp your existing fireplace or designing a new one, the Vented H-Burner Kit is the perfect choice for enhancing your space with its striking dual flame feature. Elevate your home décor and immerse yourself in the allure of this exquisite burner kit, creating an ambiance that will leave a lasting impression on all who experience its charm. 


  • Manual Safety Pilot System: Control the main burner flame simply with a knob, place the valve system on the burner, and choose between a standing pilot for instant ignition or liquid propane. (LP conversion kit required for Liquid Propane).
  • Latchtap with On/Off Remote: The main burner's valve system mounts to the burner, with a standing pilot for dependable ignition and a knob to modify the flame height. It is appropriate for either natural gas or liquid propane. (LP conversion kit required for Liquid Propane).
  • Variable Flame Safety Pilot System with Remote Control: The primary burner may be turned on or off and the flame height can be changed using a remote control. The burner's valve system is mounted to it, and it has a standing pilot for quick ignition. It works with either natural gas or liquid propane. (LP conversion kit required for Liquid Propane).
  • Millivolt Safety Pilot System with Wall Switch: Control the main burner with the wall switch or remote control; the burner-mounted valve system has a standing pilot for reliable lighting; and it is compatible with either liquid propane or natural gas. (LP conversion kit required for Liquid Propane).


  • Burner kits include: Burner, custom 5/8" grate, sand, or vermiculite, embers, volcanic cinder, fittings, and a black, non-whistling flex connector.
  • A depth of at least 14" is required for H-Burner kits.
  • Sizes range from 18" to 36".
  • Dual burner with a large body of flame and extra flame in front of the logs.
  • Recommended for Char and Radiant Heat Series Logs.

Product Specifications: 

 Fuel Type  Natural Gas and Liquid Propane
 18" NG BTU:  70,000
 18" LG BTU:  46,000
 24" NG BTU:  80,000
 24" LG BTU:  63,000
 28" NG BTU:  90,000
 28" LG BTU:  78,000
 36" NG BTU:  100,000
 36" LG BTU:  79,000
 Certification:  RGA 2/72, ANSI Z.21-84


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