Fireplace Doors

Fireplace Doors

Fireplace Doors

When you’re buying or building a home and considering how to best enjoy your fireplace, there are some essential and not-so-essential elements to keep in mind. One of the non-essentials are fireplace doors. You don’t necessarily have to install fireplace doors, but you’ll be amazed by the style, function, and cost saving they’ll add to your home.

Because we want our customers to have the best experience possible with their fireplaces, we consider fireplace glass doors to be multi-purposed essentials. They not only accentuate your hearth, but they add an artistic touch to the entire room. Beyond the decorative purposes, fireplace doors are an important part of home safety. Parents and pet owners, you’re going to love the fact that fireplace doors help you child-proof and pet-proof your home. Who wouldn’t want to enhance their interior design while also protecting pets and children from coming into contact with extremely hot surfaces – or the fire itself? (This is your reminder not to allow anyone to touch the glass or metal surfaces of your fireplace.)

We all know having a fireplace is a costly investment, but it does not have to get out of hand. You can increase the cost-efficiency of your fireplace by installing fireplace glass doors. While your fire is burning, keeping your fireplace doors closed reduces cool air from forming and spreading. In this way, the fireplace does a better job of heating the room as intended within a shorter amount of time. When your fireplace is not in use, a similar effect takes place. Fireplace doors block the cold outdoor air from traveling down the chimney and into your home. Less energy is wasted, and your wallet sure will thank you.

Perhaps it’s your first time living in a home with a fireplace, or maybe you’re replacing your current fireplace doors. Either way, you should know this: because there are different types of fireplaces according to their structure, the type of fireplace you have determines the type of fireplace doors you need. We carry beautiful and durable options for both masonry fireplaces and zero clearance fireplaces.

A masonry fireplace – the type of fireplace invented during the 18th century – is the primary design found in today’s homes. A masonry fireplace is a part of the home’s architecture, as opposed to being installed after the home is built. Your masonry hearth determines the type of fireplace glass doors needed, so it’s important to know your hearth position before shopping for doors.

Historically speaking, after the masonry fireplace came the zero clearance fireplace, also known as the pre-fabricated fireplace, prefab fireplace, or fireplace insert. A zero clearance fireplace is not structurally one with the home; it can be installed in any location, since it does not need a buffer zone. Doors without a frame are designed specifically for zero clearance fireplaces.

We know you might have questions about all of these options. We’re here to make your fireplace door shopping experience a smooth one. Did you know we’ve been in the hearth and home business for over 20 years? Whether it’s time to replace your fireplace doors or you’re buying a set for the first time, we’ve got you covered. We carry products from leading manufacturers in the fireplace industry, so you and your family can cozy up to a fireplace you love. Don’t forget about our flexible return policy (excluding custom made items) and lifetime warranties.

Reminders from CJ’s Hearth And Home when shopping for your fireplace doors

  • Make sure you select masonry doors or zero clearance doors, depending on your type of fireplace.

  • Measure your fireplace width and height to the nearest ⅛ inch. Each set of fireplace glass doors works for a specific range of sizes and will not be compatible with a fireplace outside of that range.

  • Select the right finish for you, since the color can affect the whole appearance of your fireplace.

  • Be conscious of the type of glass used within the doors. With ceramic glass, you can leave your doors closed, and they will withstand the heat of an active fire. However, tempered glass doors need to be left open.

  • Decide whether or not you want to add on a mesh curtain, which serves as spark protection. Some door models come with pre-installed mesh cabinet panels.

  • You can send us a picture of your fireplace so we can see exactly what you’re working with. This makes the process of shopping online effective, since we’re not seeing your home in person.

Between preventing burns, completing your aesthetic, and preserving energy, you can see how it’s a smart move to include fireplace doors in your fireplace design. Contact CJ’s Hearth And Home today to complete the style and utility of your fireplace.

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