Fire Pits

Fire Pits

Fire Pits

Enhance your outdoor relaxation with fire pits. Choosing the perfect fire pit for your home or business can be overwhelming due to the numerous options available on the market. Many big-box stores sell low-quality fire pits that won't withstand the test of time, making it difficult to locate the perfect fire pit. CJs Hearth & Home offers a solution to this problem by offering only the best backyard fire pit brands and models on our site. We've done the hard work for you by separating the high-quality products from the low-quality ones, ensuring that any fire pit you purchase from us will provide years of enjoyment. In addition to our top-notch customer service and technical expertise, you can expect a positive shopping experience from CJs Hearth & Home, from browsing to delivery.

Fire Pits are currently in high demand due to their ability to create an inviting atmosphere and increase the value of homes or businesses. CJs Hearth & Home has noticed commonalities among customers who purchase fire pits. One reason people purchase fire pits is to create a cozy atmosphere for themselves, their family, and their guests. Fire pits are the modern version of a gathering spot around a fire, which has been a timeless idea. Another reason people buy fire pits is to extend the outdoor season by providing warmth during colder months. Wood-burning fire pits produce a lot of heat, and gas fire pits can be just as powerful. The fire pit industry has been advancing for many years, and CJs Hearth & Home carries brands that represent the leaders in implementing technology into the experience. Electronic ignitions and integration with home automation systems are two examples of how technology has improved fire pits.

When purchasing a fire pit, it's important to consider several factors. CJs Hearth & Home has a wide selection of fire pits to choose from, so it's essential to do some research beforehand. Our customers typically consider the fire pit type, fuel type, size, price, material/style, features, and warranty. We offer different types of fire features, such as fire pits, fire pit tables, fire pit kits, portable fire pits, and fire and water bowls. It's crucial to choose the right type of fuel for your fire pit, whether it's wood, natural gas, or propane. We have a variety of sizes available, from small fire bowls to large centerpiece units. It's important to keep in mind that our prices tend to be higher due to our selection of high-quality brands, but we offer a broad range of price points. The materials and styles of our fire pits are built to withstand the elements and come in various shapes, colors, and finishes. We offer simple fire pit rings as well as more advanced technological suites. It's important to check the warranty details for each unit.


Frequently Asked Questions About Fire Pits:

How Do I Choose the Right Size Fire Pit?
A: When purchasing a fire pit, the available sizes will depend on the brand and type you select. Portable or tabletop designs tend to be smaller than fire-pit dining tables or gas fire pits. Typically, the height of the fire pit will depend on its intended use. If you want to feel the warmth from the pit, it's recommended that you don't choose a height greater than 20 inches from the ground. Generally, larger pits emit more heat, but this can be influenced by the materials and fuel used. 

Q: Can a Fire Pit Be Used on a Deck?
A: When placing a fire feature, it is crucial to meet the manufacturer's required clearances. Fire pits should be positioned at a minimum distance from materials that can easily catch fire such as walls, furniture, awnings, and pergolas to prevent accidental ignition or damage. However, aside from these requirements, you have the flexibility to place the fire feature wherever it fits your needs. A backyard patio made of stone, brick, or concrete is a favored location for many.

Q: It is not recommended to burn wood in a gas fire pit?
A: Outdoor fire pits are not designed to withstand the intense heat and weight of burning logs. Additionally, the ash residue released from the burning process can create hazardous obstructions.

Q: Do I Need a Cover for My Fire Pit?
A: A cover is not a mandatory requirement for your fire feature, however, utilizing a fabric cover can help you maximize your investment. This protection prevents corrosion on the components by shielding it from harsh weather conditions when it's not in use. We suggest using a fitted cover and also have a variety of burner covers available for further protection from rain and snow.
Q: Is a CSA certification required for my fire pit?
A: CSA certification is typically unnecessary for residential use; however, it is advisable to verify your local codes to confirm. Conversely, CSA certification is generally mandatory for commercial use.


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