Fire Pit Accessories

Fire Pit Accessories

Fire Pit Accessories

Fire pit accessories complete the look and functionality of your fire pit. They help your fire pit match your home exterior design, making your fire pit an appealing part of your backyard or patio. Accessories for your modern fire pit help it work at optimal capacity, preventing fire safety hazards. At CJ’s Hearth And Home, we carry a variety of accessories for fire pits you’ll want to buy before using your fire pit for the first time. Our accessories include lava rocks, wind guards, burner covers, fittings, and S.I.T. system accessories.


Lava Rocks

Lava rocks for fire pits are large, black or gray stones made from volcanic rock. They have a smooth, porous contour, creating an earthy and elegant appearance. The pores throughout the surface of the lava rocks also improve air circulation throughout the fire pit. This natural volcanic rock is a nice alternative to fire pit glass, which comes in smaller pieces and contains more jagged edges. When filling your fire pit with lava rocks, it’s recommended that you pour a minimum of 2 inches of rocks over your burner. This will allow the gas to filter evenly through the rocks, creating an attractive flame.


Wind Guards

Wind guards are lightweight walls that surround the fire pit, protecting the flame from strong winds. The four walls – or circular wall – of a wind guard are made of tempered safety glass, which resists wind and outdoor elements. The tempered glass is clear, so it doesn’t block your view of the beautiful fire. The wind guard sits outside of the burner pan, which is filled with either lava rocks or fire glass. It’s important to choose the right size for your wind guard. Ideally, you will determine the size of your wind guard by adding two inches to both the length and width of your burner pan or opening.


Burner Covers

A burner cover acts as a lid for the fire pit whenever it’s not in use. Burner covers protect the fire pit pan, blocking it off from harsh weather and natural elements. They’re typically made of heavy-duty stainless steel and have a sturdy handle, so you can avoid burns while approaching the fire pit. When you consistently use a burner cover, your fire pit glass or lava rocks stay in top condition, maintaining the clean and elegant look of your fire pit. If you’re looking for outdoor fire pit cover ideas, check out our selection.


Fittings and Parts

Fittings and parts are necessary for assembling a fire pit that will elevate your patio or outdoor space for years to come. For example, a push-button spark ignition kit helps you quickly and conveniently light the fire pit. Some gas lines are designed to reduce the whistling noise that often takes place when the gas is traveling to the burner. Another useful accessory for fire pits are key valves, which allow you to easily turn the gas on and off each time you’re using your fire pit.


S.I.T. System Accessories

Smart Ignition Technology (S.I.T.) uses a hot surface ignition control to turn your fire pit flame on and off electronically. It includes automatic flame sensors, safeguards, and weatherproof features so you can maximize the potential of your outdoor fire pit throughout the year. 


Because gas fire pit accessories come in a wide variety of sizes and features, it’s important to choose the right options for your modern fire pit. Did you know we’ve been in the hearth and home business for over 20 years? Contact CJ’s Hearth And Home today to find high-quality fire pit accessories.

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