Chimney Brushes

Chimney Brushes

Chimney Brushes

Keep your chimney clean and your home safe with a quality chimney brush from CJ's Hearth and Home. When you burn fires in your fireplace, soot creosote and other harmful compounds build up in your flue and chimney pipe. A dirty chimney filled with soot and creosote poses various risks, including chimney fires and poor drafts. Reduce these risks and keep your fires burning full and healthy by establishing a chimney cleaning routine with the help of one of our high-end chimney cleaning brushes.

Maintain a safe and clean home with our collection of effective chimney brushes. Perfect for use with a variety of chimney sizes and materials, our brushes are a must-have tool for any homeowner looking to maintain their fireplace's efficiency. With extra-sturdy bristles and heavy-duty construction, these brushes are built to last and outperform the competition.

Chimney Brushes Designed to Meet Your Needs

Whether you’re cleaning a masonry chimney, a wood-burning stove pipe or a Class A stainless steel Chimney Pipe, we carry a range of chimney brushes to meet all of your chimney cleaning needs. A chimney brush is designed to remove soot, debris and helps prevent creosote from forming in your ventilation system.

We Carry Different Types of Chimney Brushes

A chimney cleaning brush can be made of different materials such as steel or polypropylene, which is a type of heavy-duty plastic designed to be heat-resistant, flexible and tough. A poly chimney brush won’t damage insulation or scratch stainless steel components while still removing harmful compounds and debris with ease. Depending on the type of chimney you’re cleaning, you’ll want to go with a poly chimney brush over a steel chimney brush.

Chimney Brush Shapes

Chimney brushes come in a variety of shapes to match the shape of your stove or chimney pipe. Choose from round, square or rectangle-shaped chimney brushes available in our store.

What Size Chimney Brush Should You Choose?

Be sure your chimney brush is always just a little bigger than your chimney pipe or flue. You’ll want to choose a chimney brush that’s ½ inch to 1 inch larger than your chimney pipe, stove pipe or flue size. This ensures your chimney brush is able to reach all sides of your pipe or flue and effectively remove soot, creosote and other harmful buildups from your system. We carry chimney brushes in a range of sizes including 6, 7 and 8 inches. Our selection of chimney cleaning brushes is designed to match the most common sizes of stove pipe, chimney pipe and chimney flues.


Feel Free to Contact Us for Help Finding the Right Chimney Brush

A chimney brush is an essential hearth accessory for fireplace and wood stove owners. Our dedicated team of professionals understands the importance of keeping your chimney system clean and in top working condition.

For help finding your chimney brush or other essential hearth accessories, feel free to reach out to the Fireplace Doors Online team. Contact us online or give us a call at 888-986-1535 and a member of our team will be more than happy to help!



What size chimney brush do I need?

  • You can measure your chimney to match the size of brush you will need. Keep in mind that the chimney brush should be 1/2 to 1 inch larger than your flue in order to clean your chimney effectively. You want to make sure that the brush is neither over or undersized as this will not properly clean your chimney.

Do creosote logs work?

  • Although these logs do work, they are designed to attack the early stages of build-up and should not be used to clean your chimney. You will need to thoroughly clean your chimney at least once a year to avoid the risks of a blocked chimney. We would suggest that if you were to use the logs, to do so throughout the year while the fireplace is in use to avoid more build-up then clean in the offseason. 

How many chimney rods do I need?

  • Our chimney brush kits come with 5 rods in each kit. We also have extra if needed. Depending on the size of your chimney will decide how many you will need to effectively clean your chimney. Make sure to measure your chimney first in order to gauge the amount you will need.

How can I tell if my chimney needs cleaning?

  • There are a few ways of telling if your chimney needs to be cleaned. If you are getting the smell of burned wood coming from your fireplace when not in use, your fire is burning poorly, an abundance of smoke coming from your fireplace, and if you have a black damper are signs you need a chimney cleaning. Remember, if your chimney is reflecting these signs, you will need to clean your chimney prior to further use as this is a huge risk for a chimney fire. 
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