Buck Stove Oversized Trim Kit for Model 74

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With the magnificent Buck Stove Oversized Trim Kit for Model 74, a mesmerizing fireplace ambiance is gently brought to life. This breathtaking trim kit, which has been painstakingly made to the highest standards, transforms your cherished Model 74 fireplace into a one-of-a-kind creation of richness and classiness.

Experience the pure elegance and ageless charm your fireplace has to offer as this remarkable item expertly combines beauty and use. Increase the sumptuous grandeur of your house to previously unheard-of heights, and enjoy the alluring warmth that only one can provide.

Product Features:

  • Created to hide the gap between the insert and fireplace rim
  • Enables the Model 74 to be installed as an insert into an existing fireplace
  • Easy to build three-piece design
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