Buck Stove Model 74 Non-Catalytic Wood Stove

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$2,694.00 - $3,010.00
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With the Buck Stove Model 74 Non-Catalytic Wood Stove, you may unleash a symphony of luxury and tranquility, setting the stage for an unparalleled encounter. The MBuck Stove Model 74 Non-Catalytic Wood Stove unit demonstrates its amazing abilities by exceeding the tightest pollution regulations without the need for a catalytic combustor. This magnificent wood stove redefines the pleasure of a traditional fireplace with an unmatched feeling of grandeur. It was professionally made utilizing non-catalytic technology. This alluring impression is produced within the firebox of the unit by the harmonic merging of primary and secondary air.

The Buck Stove Model 74 Non-Catalytic Wood Stove is a monument to both utility and creativity with its amazing capacity to heat up to 2600 square feet and a BTU rating of up to 52,400. It is a stunning work of art that expertly combines refinement and usefulness, appealing to affluent aficionados who want the ideal non-catalytic wood burner. Allow the wood's natural beauty to come through as it crackles in the middle of your living area, enveloping your house in a cozy and welcoming atmosphere that lasts long after the fire's glow goes out. Experience the Model 74's potential to convert your living space into a refuge of enduring comfort and beauty as you immerse yourself in a world where luxury and function coexist.

Venting Requirements: This unit requires venting pipe with an inner diameter of 6 Inches. Please see the Venting Components section on this page if available for venting pipe that must be used with this unit.


  • Freestanding wood stove
  • Built for years of use
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Low maintenance and simple operation
  • A built-in blower is included

Product Specifications:

 Product Dimension:  21 1/2" H x 27 5/8" W x 22 3/8" D
 Maximum Framing Dimension:  22 1/2″ H x 27 3/4″ W x 15″ D
 Weight:  460 Lbs  
 Cubic Fire Box Volume:  2.15
 Output BTU'S:   13,300-52,400
 Average Particulate Emissions Rate:
 1.8 g/h
 Efficiency:   73%
 Maximum Log size:  22″ Front to back
 Recomended Heating Area:  1500 – 2,600 sq. f
 Flue Size:  6"
 Hearth pad Size:  34″ W x 48″ D
 Blower:  Included
 Ashpan:  No
 Optional Pedestal:  Yes
 Mobile Home Approved  Yes


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