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Here at CJ's Hearth & Home, we seek to help you on your buying journey to level-up and style your living spaces to your tastes with high-quality products. Our support team is here every step of the way to answer all your questions and ensure that your quest is a great one! Whether you're seeking the crown jewel to complete your outdoor patio, increase the efficiency of your indoor fireplace, or add lighting to radiate any room with brilliancy, we are here to guide you on your home decor adventure.


The Allegheny Mountains of Warren County Pennsylvania

Our Adventure - About Us - CJ's Hearth & Home

Our Adventure

At the turn of the millennium, CEO Chris came to America from Switzerland and set up a heat renovation business out of his car with his wife in the rolling Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania. It would quickly expand thanks to them setting up an online shopping experience in the early days of the internet. In 2016, the business expanded to encompass outdoor living products and again in 2018 to include home decor items as well.

CJ's Hearth & Home is now considered one of the expert-retails in the heating industry, providing quality products from well-known and trusted manufacturers like Napoleon fireplaces, FireMagic grills, and Elk lighting. We collaborate with companies to offer unique products and deals customers are looking for that no one else can offer.

As we continue to expand and offer our customers more merchandise, CJ's promises to always keep our patrons at the forefront in their needs and wants to pursue their lifestyle.



Napoleon Infrared IR3GN Fireplace


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Invest in Quality Products


CJ's Hearth & Home is partnered with high-standing, quality manufacturers, many of whom are located here in the United States, to offer our customers products that last a lifetime. We have the resources to have many of our offered products custom-made as well for those with special sizes or projects in mind. No cheap materials or shortcuts here. Our products are truly an investment for your business, friends, and family.


Invest in Quality Products from CJ's Hearth & Home

First Rate Customer Service - About Us - CJ's Hearth & Home

First-Rate Customer Service

Here at CJ's Hearth & Home, we are committed to the happiness and satisfaction of our customers. We welcome your questions and feedback anytime. Our customer service team is available to answer your calls at 1-814-723-9394, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, and on Live Chat, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST. You can also email us at request@cjshearthandhome.com. 


First-Rate Customer Service -A bout Us - CJ's Hearth & Home

A Memorable Shopping Adventure - About Us - CJ's Hearth & Home

A Memorable Shopping Adventure

We're constantly striving to update our shopper experience to make our website more user-friendly, so that you can find exactly what you need within a few short clicks.



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